Teresa's international students!


March 2006


Nothing like a cool cup of water on a hot day!!   


Wen Jun is a student from Shanghai.
She has a sweet tooth and loves candies and lollipops!  : )   


 Qi Ting is a very hardworking student. 


These are foreign students from my March intake. 
The lady in the red and white striped t-shirt is Mrs Yap (also an English teacher).
The young man in light blue t-shirt is my Vietnamese student, Thang.
I am in green t-shirt.  Li Kun is standing next to me.  She is a joy to have in class. 
That’s Sophie, in front of me.  Isn’t she photogenic? : )
Meng Che is the boy in black and Helen is the lady in white. 
She brought a delicious chicken dish that day cooked with coca-cola!!
And it was mmmmm…….  YUMMY!!!!     



A candid shot! 


an another!


Thomas patiently “bbq-ing” as students wait in line!   


That’s teacher Ken in the Devil Rays’ t-shirt! 


Oops!  Hang on a second…  I believe that’s my handphone ringing! 


Strange!  I could have sworn it was the handphone!!  Ha ha!! 


Zhi Wei is from China and Chen Hsiang is from Taiwan.
They are my students from the earlier intakes. 
It was one of the best classes I’ve ever had! 
The students were all very motivated and hardworking.      

Zhi Wei “clowning” around with his paper cup
 which landed on Chen Man’s head with Shuang Yan caught in between!
These are my students from two separate intakes but they all got along like a house on fire!!  : )
Angelina is the girl in blue. She is flanked by her classmates Peggy (on the left) and Helice (on the right).
  The boy on the extreme right is Emis. 
He is a big fan of basketball and he plays it competitively too!!    

It’s nice to get away from the classroom once in a while!!   



Great students with bright futures ahead of them!! 

Peace to one and all! 

Isn’t it great to meet someone from the same homeland studying in Singapore too! J   


Nightfall already?  Time flies when you are having fun!!



Yep!  And I’m still around too!! 

Check out what Zhi Wei is doing!!  Opening two bottles without an opener!   

and what do ya know…. He did it!! 


Chen Hsiang, Zhi Wei, Ryan and Emis – from three different intakes but one united in friendship! 

Okay – I have to admit…
One good thing about being the teacher is not having to cook the food!  Ha ha!!  




Teresa Long




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