Teresa's international students!




This is Ryan from China.


Hey!  Wait up!  (My eager students have gone across the road already!)


 But there’s one more still with us to take this shot as we wait to
cross the road.


Emis, Ryan and Pei Li at a Bazaar in Little India. 


A shot taken at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. 


My class of 2005.  One of the best classes I’ve ever had!   


Oops this was a candid shot as Virginia was not quite ready! 


This class had a good mix of students from different countries.. 
China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand   


Don’t these two Indonesian girls look alike? 
No, they’re not sisters but they’re the best of friends!!  : )



The boy with the blue cap is Alex.  He and the boy in blue-striped t-shirt come from the same hometown!   


It’s High-Tea at Hotel Phoenix with my students! 
That’s Chen Hsiang trying to get rid of his “rojak”!  Ha Ha!!
(“Not for me, I’d rather have the sandwich!” says Irin as Parvej takes it in his stride!!)  


Girl Power!! 
(I’m so proud of these girls! They’ve done well in their studies J )


Yep, good thing to do at a buffet is to share the food.  That way, we don’t overeat!!    


A rose among the thorns?  Nah!  These are great kids! 
The young man in the Reebok t-shirt is Yu Ren. 
He is always the first to be in class. 
He has gone on to pursue a degree in computer programming,
Yu Ren is very hardworking and I know he will succeed!     


Memories are made of these!! 


“My girls”


What can I say, “My boys!”


Students from Indonesia.  Well-mannered and respectful! 


Uh… bodyguards?!  J



Yep!  Bodyguards!  Ha ha!! 


Oops… too much to eat  caught me dozing off?! 


There are truly no strangers in the world  just friends we have yet to meet! 


The class has ended…. 


but not the friendships!! 


Parvej, a sensible young man with a focus in life. 


oops..  we were trying to take one photo in order of height!!   


Then we decided it didn’t really matter!!  J



The future can only be bright for these young men! 


.. all they have to do is to make the effort and work hard! 


Another nice photo! 


This is Chen Hsiang, an impressive and reliable student. 
A joy to have in class and definitely a team leader.
Very popular with his classmates too!! 



One more for the album… 



and another …


..and another… 


and another… 


An outdoor picture… taken in the heart of town!! 


one more shot…  in case! 


Back to the Little India outing… 
The Bazaar was so interesting and refreshing for these Chinese students!! 


One more photo before Angelina tries out those Henna tattoos!! 


Coaxing Helice to have a go at it too!
 (“Hmm.. give me time to think about it” Helice seems to be saying!)


Ryan posing for a picture as we head for Komala Vilas for the “teh tarik and thosai”. 
We also made a stopover at a temple along
Serangoon Road
and (24 hr shopping place) Mustafa Centre after lunch.
All I can say is, everyone enjoyed this field trip to Little India!         




Teresa Long




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